Live Client // University of Richmond

Adobe After Effects, Blender, Adobe Dimensions, Procreate

AD: Carli Adape / Caitlin Kreinheder CBM: Sarah Hardin / Ora-on Watanatham CW: Taylor Bendus




Experience Designer

Animation, 3D Design, 3D Modeling, Production Design

3 Months

The What

NOOSH is a modern take on Baba Ganoush, a Middle Eastern eggplant dip that is smoky, smooth, and citrusy, with a kick of spice. 

The Who

NOOSH was created by a team of University of Richmond student entrepreneurs. After they perfected their iconic zesty formula we jumped in to hone in on the branding. Their team had six months to not only perfect their iconic zesty formula - but for our team to hone in our the branding and prepare for production.

The Why

To help NOOSH stand out on a cluttered physical and digital shelf, we decided to hone in on their unique zesty personality. While the University of Richmond team got to hone in on the business case, we got to bring the personality of NOOSH to life.

Proposed and Final Character Illustrations

In order to introduce NOOSH to a new market we personified the core ingredients in NOOSH - eggplant, garlic, lemon and cayenne pepper. This process went through multiple sessions of client feedback and transitioned from focusing on static illustrations to vector illustrations where motion was prioritized.

Brand Guidelines

For NOOSH to stand out on the shelves we honed in on embodying its zesty flavor with high energy brand colors and visual elements like its hand-drawn logo and playful pattern inspired by Mediterranean mosaics (an homage to Baba Ganoush’s origins). 

3D Renders

Since we were creating branding designs that would live on a specific round jar, we created a 3D model of NOOSH to see how our designs would be play out in the real world. We used our custom model to fine tweak our design decisions and ultimately create a more appealing final product.

NOOSH Photoshoot

We staged a photo shoot in order to further the branding and reach for NOOSH.

NOOSH in the Wild

Press for NOOSH

Noosh has been featured in several local publications - including Richmond Bizsense, WTVR, The Collegian, and by the VCU Brandcenter.


As part of the University of Richmond Benchtop Program we were initially given a week to pitch a competing sauce. Our original product was Gala, a tangy Apple cider Vinegar glaze. While our original pitch did not move forward, it did give us the opportunity to merge with the NOOSH team and create the product that exists today.


Since Launching in February 2024 NOOSH has sold over 1000+ units of Product, including Wholesale and DTC. They are currently sold in over 15 locations around Richmond.

Check out Noosh IRL


It was really amazing to have such a close live client experience while still in school! Going through multiple rounds of feedback and creation each step of the way truly did lead to such an amazing product.

Hannah Kent