I read the poem on the left (Ada Limon - What I Didn't Know Before) for the first time when I was fifteen and it's always lodged itself in the back of my mind as a framework.

Particularly, I've always used this framework for my relationship with design. It's my longest current relationship. It hasn't always been fully formed, but for as long as I've been alive it's always been running along side me, like the eponymous horse within the poem.

From drawing cats on the walls as a toddler, to studying illustration within school, design has always been a stalwart companion of mine. It's grown with me as I've gotten older. Because of that my relationship to it has been something I could witness changing as I've gotten older. In the past I focused purely on the technical skills of creating line and form. But now when I create I have a deep need to add strategy to my work - and see the impact of it on society.

Design without Strategy is simply ornamentation and I want to create something more meaningful.

Hannah Kent

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