Personal Project

Figma, Adobe Suite, Procreate

AD: Caitlin Kreinheder ST: Derek Martin CW: Cameron Norman CBM: Alex Smith Scales




Experience Designer, Squid Master

Wireframing, Research, Strategy, UX/UI, Illustration

Round 1: 15 Weeks Round 2: 5 Weeks


More people are getting tattoos than ever before.

The tattoo industry is growing, with one-third of Americans having ink and the industry expected to hit $4 billion by 2030.


Getting your first tattoo is challenging.

Deciding on a tattoo design is difficult. Especially someone’s first one. Most people aren’t familiar with the different styles, and often turn to Google for inspiration. 

Even after deciding on a design, many tattoo virgins run into problems booking an artist. The process of researching styles, deciding on a design, and booking an artist can take months or longer. Tattoo virgins can easily be deterred by the many roadblocks, and some give up the search entirely - remaining inkless.


Closing the gap between inspiration and booking will drive action.



An app that not only inspires tattoo virgins, but also drives them to action by centralizing and streamlining the tattoo booking process.

App Walkthrough

Introductory Quiz + Home

In order to help inspire our users, we first need to know their likes and dislikes.

Users can opt into taking a short quiz that helps our algorithm establish a home page complete with an infinite number of ink-spirations to look through.

If a user feels inspired by a particular tattoo, they can add the ink to their canvases.

AR Filter

Our users want to know what a tattoo would look like on their skin before they commit to it, so we developed a simple AR feature where users can test any tattoo on any part of their bodies.

Profile + Canvases

Users will be able to create unique canvases to help in the tattoo exploration and inspiration process. Canvases can be sorted however the user chooses, whether that be style of tattoo or body part.

After creating a canvas the user will have the option to tab between personalized homepages with inspiration based off the canvas.

Booking Quiz

When users are ready to get inked, they’ll be prompted to take our booking quiz to streamline the process.This quiz helps Inkpool understand what is important to our user in terms of price and shop values, while allowing our user to upload canvases to let artists know what tattoo you’re going for.

Recommended Artists

After completing the quiz Inkpool will generate recommended artists for the user. Users can then peruse each artist’s page and determine who to reach out for bidding on a specific tattoo.

An artist's page will be slightly stylistically different from a users page. Users pages prioritize curation, while artists pages showcase their work and promote bidding.


After choosing a preferred artist, users will be allowed to submit a bid. This short questionnaire was designed through interviews with tattoo artists to ensure they’d have all the information they’ll need to accept or deny a bid.


Once an artist has accepted a bid, users will have access to an artist’s calendar and can set up an appointment. Additionally, artists and users will now be allowed to message directly through Inkpool should they need to reschedule or discuss more about the appointment.

Feed back and User Testimonials

Users responded EXTREMELY well to this project. We had multiple people reach out and express interest in downloading the app, and urging us to make it a reality.


To gain more insights about the current pain points of the tattoo booking process, we conducted a survey and sent it out to participants in the Richmond Virginia area. The survey received over 120 responses. The questions within the survey and a select number of the responses are listed below.

Some of the Key findings from our survey were

55% of respondents described the process as overwhelming and confusing.

Just 2% of respondents described the process as seamless.

However the person seeking a tattoo is only one half of the equation. A key concern we noted on our survey is that users were afraid that tattoo artists would not sign up to the platform. In order to guarantee the success of Inkpool tattoo artist buy in would be vitally important.

In order to guarantee this we reached out to over 30 tattoo shops in the Richmond area, conducted 3 interviews with tattoo artists, and attended a tattoo convention.

(Photos and videos of the individual artists we interviewed have not been included to protect their privacy)

After our interviews we were pleased to find that tattoo artists would be interested in joining Inkpool! Tattoo Artists would specifically be interested to buy in to Inkpool if it helped with consultation, and helping to get their names out to new clientele.

All of this research culminated in the first iteration of Inkpool. The initial visual branding of Inkpool intentionally leans away from traditional tattooing aesthetics in order to create a welcoming space for those who are new to the tattooing scene (and might be intimated by traditional tattooing culture).

Feedback on Inkpool's Prototype (aka things we were wrong about)

We thought that bright colors would create a colorful, comforting space for users who are intimidated by traditional tattooing spaces - but users we tested got overwhelmed by all of the bright colors in the initial prototype of Inkpool.

When we interviewed users our team realized some of the questions in our original quiz could be off putting if a user is just beginning the tattoo inspiration process .

This led us into breaking the flow of the app into two separate sections - inspiration and booking.

Aggregating user feedback led to an updated user persona. While our initial prototype included walk ins and spontaneous ways to get a tattoo we realized through feedback that our our core user base are Type A planners. Increased options to plan ahead are key.


This project is really special to me. It was the first real UX project I tackled while I was in school, and it was the last UX project I revisited before I graduated. While I revisited it was really fun (and a little bit cringey) to revisit the design decisions I mad the first time around. That being said, it was actually incredibly gratifying to see how much growth I've undertaken in the last two years. I can't wait to look back on this project in the future and see how much I've grown then!

Hannah Kent