D&AD Brief - Durex


AD: Cat Clark / Regan O'Donnell ST: Anari Flemming CW: Emery Schindler






3 Weeks


By the end of a person's 20's we traditionally think that the era of sexual exploration is over.

The increasing acceptance of LGBTQ identities has emboldened younger generations to come out and have the ability to live their truth - with around 20% of Gen Z identifying as queer.

However, Gen Z's confidence in their identities can make older, closeted individuals feel left behind. Coming out as queer isn't only a label change - it's an entire lifestyle overhaul. As such, they might need some guidance on how to navigate this new terrain.


Coming out at a later age than "normal" often feels like experiencing a second adolescence.


Durex is going to serve as the voice of guidance and empathy for people on all ages on their journey of coming out.

Durex Presents: What's Happening to me?

To help people that are coming to terms with their sexuality later in life, and experiencing what psychologists call ‘second adolescence’, we revisited a classic puberty book originally published in 1975. Instead of things like pubic hair and hormones, we covered topics like finding community or coming out to your loved ones.

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This project was so gratifying to work on! With all of the stress of my final semester, this project really felt like a nice escape from everything else. I loved being able to integrate my illustrations with this more strategic framework.

Hannah Kent